ReadItLater plugin

Hello everyone,

I created a new plugin to support how I work with pieces of information, maybe it’s helpful for others as well. While I work I often stumble over pieces of information I don’t need yet but want to process and break it down later. To support that easy and fast I created the ReadItLater plugin.

The plugin adds a command and a button both named ‘ReadItLater: Save clipboard’.
Depending on what’s in your clipboard it:

  • Plain Text: creates a text note
  • URL: parses a website and creates a file with the content
  • Youtube link: creates a file with a link and the embedded video
  • Twitter link: embeds the information of the tweet

without further questions into the configured inbox folder and with a tag for the different types.

Hopefully, it’s helpful for someone else too.
(Not yet listed inside Obsidians community plugins)


Looks very useful indeed! Thanks!

Nice! Is there a link?

The GitHub repo is here: GitHub - DominikPieper/obsidian-ReadItLater

I created a PR to add it to the community plugins as well


Cool idea, but i like QuickAdd so much i can’t move away from it. Hope there was a way to couple it with QuickAdd

@Archie I don’t know QuickAdd so not planned yet :sweat_smile:

oh you should try it then. it is one of the top three obsidian plugins imo

Love the plugin @DominikPieper!

Does anyone know how to create a shortcut on iOS that I can use to share the item and pass it to the ReadItLater plugin in my vault?


The shortcut topic isn’t touched yet @tellier.

I pushed a new version with some small new features:

  • It’s possible to configure the title template for every type of content
  • It’s possible to activate file download for images referenced in the content into a local folder
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