Reading view mode with line numbers

turn on “show line numbers” but it only works in editor mode, We need “show line numbers" also in reading view mode.

That sounds like a function for a theme. Have you looked at the available themes?

I doesn’t think “show line numbers” in reading mode is a theme, but this setting is in display menu. When I switch editing mode to reading mode, this “show line numbers” setting doesn’t work, It is like a bug. This is confusing to users. I want to know why this it is and the design philosophy of this setting.

It’s an editing feature. You see it often available in text editors, and almost never in books or on websites.

I believe they’re saying there might be a theme that shows line numbers in reading mode. I couldn’t find one, though.

This questions was also asked here, but hasn’t had much support.

Me too, yes, I doesn’t find a theme that can show line numbers in reading mode.