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I use Obsidian for University purposes for about 2 weeks and sometimes its driving me a bi crazy… maybe you can help - I would be very thankful. I use the minimal theme and I am trying the following (please bear in mind, that i might use the wrong terms - sorry for that - english isnt my first language):

I already searched the forum and found a few css snippets, but for some reason they dont work for me. I am able to turn them on in the settings but they dont seem to work.
Unfortunately, I have no idea of css et cetera and I am quite lost…

I would be very grateful for any help!

This is how HTML works. When you switch to reading view, the white space is collapsed.

CSS is the answer here, but as you are using the Minimal theme, you have some typography options in Minimal Theme Settings (a plugin). See here:

In Style Settings (also a plugin), Minimal has an option to change the paragraph spacing under Minimal > Text → Paragraph spacing.

If playing with these settings doesn’t produce the results you want, then you will need to use a CSS snippet(s).

thanks for the speedy reply! Tried the options you mentioned, unfortunately doesnt solve my problem.

I tried to work with .css but it doesnt appear to do anything. Am I doing it wrong?
Thats my css snippet and I have to option to turn it on in the settings, but it changes nothing?
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I think my biggest problem are the bullet points.

A blank line inbetween bullet points is not shown in the reading view.

Is there any way to fix that?

Again, this is how HTML works. See: programming languages - Why does HTML collapse whitespace? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange

You can force a line break by using a <br> between the bullets where you want one, but I don’t think this will be your desired outcome for live preview mode.

Using this snippet to control the <br> size in reading view:

.markdown-preview-view br {
    content: '';
    display: block;
    margin-top: 15px;

And writing in your note:

- one
- two
- three

source mode:

live preview:

reading view:

thanks for the help!

What also works quite well is a single space and then #.
Creates an empy line in reading view and doesnt really distract in editing view.

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