Reading List - fields for "Title";"Author" etc. for future search

I have a reading list were I leave comments on my reading.
Is there a way I can dedicate special fields for “Author”;“Title”;“Year” Etc. so when I apply search it will apply only on the dedicated field I will decide

If you just write things like “Author: Lydia Davis”, you can search on that exact string by putting quotes around it. If you list multiple authors in a field, you’ll need to use a regular expression to search only 1 of them: /Author: .*Lydia Davis.*/

Search result previews can show only some of the text around the match (default), the whole block (paragraph, list item, heading) the match is in, or just the filename. If you put the field on its own line, that’s all you’ll see in the preview. You can save searches with the Starred core plugin or embed them in files. (See Help for full documentation.)

A fancier way is to use the DataView community plugin. It includes an inline syntax to markup data and can display queries in a table.

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