Readable Line Length in frontmatter

Hello this is my first post here so sorry if I don’t follow the conventions properly. I ran into this problem when I was customizing some of my pages. I don’t know if there already is a plugin that allows this but I couldn’t find any.

Use case/Problem

Right now I believe you can only adjust Readable Line Length globally. This makes it hard to have both slim readable notes and wide navigable pages with cards like booklists, movie lists, or a homepage.

Proposed Solution

I feel it would be very useful to be able to set a Readable Line Length variable (either as a Boolean and/or an integer) as customization in the frontmatter of a page. Leaving it empty results in default behavior.

I have no Idea how one would go about this or if this would even be doable without conflicting with themes and some plugins.

Current workaround (optional)

None that I know of.

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You can make a CSS snippet that applies an alternate readable width to a class, than add that class to notes with a cssclass field in the frontmatter.

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Thanks for the help however I am sadly using minimal theme which blocks access to the variable I need to change the line width. Is there any way to circumvent this?

Edit: I have found a solution for what I wanted to achieve by using the Contextual Typography Plugin in combination with minimal theme settings. But it still doesn’t give as much control as Id like

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I don’t know. You might need to use !important, if you didn’t try that.

!important Doesn’t work either :confused:
I also tried body.minimal-theme{–line-width} but not sure what it does:

.minimal-theme.lineShort {
	--line-width: 4rem !important;

The CSS wizards in the Obsidian Discord’s #appearance channel may be able to help.