Read only viewer

It would be great to have a read only viewer for the Obsidian files/folders which supports all the Obsidian specific features (internal linking and so on).

I very often create technical documents, tutorials. I am planning to do all the edit in Markdown or better said in Obsidian.

Of course i could ask every user who wants to use my tutorials to use Obsidian, but there is a risk, that the non technical users change the files by mistake.

A read only viewer would avoid this and would allow other users to view the created Obsidian files without the risk of changing them.


Interesting. Would you consider this idea significantly different from the upcoming Publish feature (i.e., a web view of your vault?)

In case you didn’t know, you can change default mode to preview, so all links and files open in preview mode.

I’ve read about the publish feature. If that feature does an export and export would be an exact copy (not meant as copy of file) of the obsidian files/folders structure (including working internal links and so on) then of course a viewer would not be needed.

I just thought to mention that a viewer app would also be a nice addition.

Yes i know, but the risk that unexperienced readers would switch to edit mode and change the files would be there. A read only viewer would be much simpler and would just allow to open a folder.

I do not know in what timeframe the new export feature is planned. Therefore i thought creating a simple ObsidianViewer without the Editmode would be a nice workaround until the export feature is available.