Read only folders

The idea is to be able to set certain folders as read only.

Use case or problem

When sharing a vault with collaborators, it would be useful to make particular folders as read-only to prevent change. This can include resources for use in writing.

Proposed solution

Include a setting in the context menu for read only.

Current workaround (optional)

You can use Publish, but that is no longer available for internal referencing.


Well, it might be nice to have such options per file and folder. Then again, different OS’es handle these attributes differently (think of Linux’ file system access permissions and Windows’ ACLs), and they might get lost when syncing.

If needed, I typically use the OS’ features to set folders/files read only, and Obsidian respects that (with a console error, and no user-readable error message but nevertheless).

Here, on Linux, I’ve set my Scripts folder to read-only (555), and now of course cannot create a new file in it:

app.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) Error: EACCES: permission denied, open '/home/matthias/Dokumente/Obsidian/Knowledgebase/Scripts/'

(Obsidian’s UI silently fails to create a new note.)

Since Operating Systems have a wide and sometimes rather complex range of possible file/folder permission settings, I wouldn’t expect Obsidian to be able to handle them all, so I use (and recommend) using the OS’ features.

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That’s a good point. I know that Google Drive can set permissions for view only. I don’t think that Dropbox can.

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Perhaps an option to lock a file/folder for editing. Or perhaps lock a document/folder to preview mode.


I would find it very useful if we able to locally configure Pages/Folders/Vaults as read only on specific devices.

The workflow that would benefit most from this is one that creates and edits content on PC/Mac, but then uses mobile apps to only read the content.

I currently try to achieve this by remaining in Preview Mode 24/7 on the mobile apps, but sometimes its possible to accidentally make changed/edits/deletions.

Having the ability to set specific sections of Obsidian be read-only as a local device setting would be fantastic.

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