(Re) Open a closed canvas file

Things I have tried

Using Mac finder I can find the *.canvas files but I haven’t found a way to (re)open them in Obsidian. I trust I’m not missing something obvious.

What I’m trying to do

Trying to regain access to a previously generated canvas file. So far it seems I should never close one because there is no way to find them again within Obsidian or open them from without. Everything is treated as a .md file.

If you open a .canvas file outside of Obsidian it’s going to look like { "nodes":[ {"id":"cb1c029714948379","x":-367,"y":-440... so, don’t do that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With the Canvas file(s) in your vault, each should have a CANVAS tag next to it in the Files list and you can just click on it to open the Canvas. Is that not the case for you?


Only thing I can think of is maybe you opened an older version of Obsidian that doesn’t recognize .canvas files?

Please post your setup, debug info (cmd/ctrl+P → show debug info), etc., so others have more context and can maybe help. :v:

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The information shown in your comment seems as though it would resolve my problem. However I don’t know how to produce that nice file listing you show where the files are collected by file type (or so it appears to me). How do you request that? BTW I’m using Obsidian v 1.1.12 (Insider build?). thanks for your note.

Where specifically are you having trouble?

In the “Search” pane, I don’t see Canvas files, unless I use file:[query]. Search for file:.canvas to list all Canvas files.

In Quick Switcher (the core plugin), you should see canvas files. And it will show them as .canvas, so you can tell. If you search .canvas, it will list them all specifically.

In Quick Switcher++ (a community plugin), I am finding my Canvas files, but I don’t see the “.canvas” extension, so it’s harder to tell.

When I’m auto-completing a Wikilink, it finds them just fine.

In the Graph View, I have to turn on “attachments” to see links to Canvas files.

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The CANVAS files are together in my screenshot because they are in the same folder. :slight_smile:

You mentioned you can see the .canvas files in the Finder, so you can locate one and find it’s path (where it is in your vault) from there as well.

OK the Quick Switcher approach works for me though it’s unfortunately multi-step. I like the same folder approach though I don’t see a setting to specify where canvas files get created.

For now, it seems, new Canvases are created in your vault root. A setting will probably come later. I moved mine.

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