Re-load Obsidian -the best way

Things I have tried

  1. I went

to the the obsidian download page (Download - Obsidian) and downloaded the latest installer
(1.1.15 for Mac).

  1. I removed the old version of Obsidian by uninstalling it with the un-installer of Parallels toolbox first.

Then I installed Obsidian again, and opened my existing folder where my vault lives.

My problem is that if I right-click on the Obsidian Icon in the mac tray, I get all kinds of old links to vaults that I used in the past, but no longer use.

How to make it look like a new installation with only the vault that I opened?

There does not seem to be a way to delete the bad links.

Maybe I am doing something wrong…

best regards

Not sure why you are using the “un-installer of Parallels toolbox” for this.

Just open the Obsidian.dmg and replace the older Obsidian in Applications with the new one.

The list of recent vaults can be cleaned up by choosing “Clear Recent”.

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Thanks alot for the tip. I used the un-installer because draging the Obsidian icon into the applications folder would never clean up my list in the app’s pop-up menu in the tray.

I didn’t know we had to clean this up from the main menu.

Thanks again!

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