Raw embed of javascript into a code block?

What I’m trying to do

I’m developing some javascript snippets for dataviewjs and Templater, and would like to view this internally in Obsidian by incorporating the code into a javascript code block.

I’ve installed the Plaintext plugin, so I’m already able to view/edit the javascript within Obsidian, but it’s pure text and doesn’t look good, so far.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried various variants of embedding, but most of them don’t like javascript, and or is thrown of by being inside code blocks. Like


That link doesn’t work either, even though the Plaintext plugin has it showing in the file explorer. I’ve also tried doing tp.file.include() which also fails as the internal link fails, and some variants of embed using dataview, but I’ve not gotten it to work.

So, do anyone have an idea if this at all is feasible?

(Or do I have to resort to some script automagic outside of Obsidian, to build the wanted file as a markdown file, and make the system go a little crazy on files changed outside of the vault? )

Maybe you’ve already thought of this and rejected it, but I would give up on trying to do it within Obsidian and use this: GitHub - NomarCub/obsidian-open-vscode: Open vault in VSCode button for Obsidian.md

Where there is a will, there is often a way, @obsequious ! :smiley: And as stated before, I do know VS Code, but I kind of want to stay within Obsidian when doing Obsidian stuff.

With the combination of the plugins Buttons and Templater, I found a way to do this.

First, make a template like the following, which I named srcInputFile:

const fs = require("fs")
const basePath = app.vault.adapter.basePath
const inputFile = tp.frontmatter.input_file
const language = inputFile.split('.').pop()
// console.log("\n", basePath, inputFile, language)
const text = fs.readFileSync(basePath + inputFile)
tR += `Source: <code>${inputFile}</code>\n~~~~${language}\n${text}\n~~~~\n`

Then make a note with a button, like my Source viewer.md file:

input_file: /_jsTemplater/foo.js
name Reload sourcecode
type line(11) template
replace [11, 10000]
action srcInputFile
%% Line 10 %%
%% Line 11 %%
%% Line 12 %%

Change the filed input_file to some other file accessible in your vault, and watch the magic unfold.

Some caveats with this script. Firstly if you add or change the header make sure also to change the line number where the new content goes, and where it removes stuff from, aka 11 to something else. To get the correct number, I suggest adding some more numbers on the original file, increase the number, and see where it removes the lines. Better safe, then sorry.

This does indeed depend on reading your local file system, which can have it pros and cons. So just, be warned.

There is no automatic update on this script, and that’s partly by design, and partly by choice. You do need to hit the Reload sourcecode button to get the latest version of your script.

Lastly, Templater does have some issues running if its user script files has errors, so then this script might suffer under those issues as well. It’s got nothing to do with this script, it’s just a dependency issue within Templater.

Example image displaying a simple javascript file:

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