Rapid Notes 1.2! Create notes into specific folders instantly

Hey! I created a plugin a few months ago to help me place notes inside folders as quick as possible, but I thought it may be useful to other “folder people” (there are dozens of us!) so I made a big update this weekend and added a lot of new things. This plugin would be an alternative to your “ctrl+n” hotkey, as well as an alternative to “Advanced New File” (since I think all that plugin does is covered with Rapid Notes)

With the latest release you can:

  • Use a prefix when typing the filename so you place it in an specific folder. For example, naming your note “js datatypes” can create a note named Datatypes (yes there is a setting to capitalize the filename) inside a Javascript folder.

  • If you do not have a prefix, a folder suggester is shown.

  • You can add a prefix to the filename, for example if you are not a folder person but place all notes in the same folder, you can type “py” before all your notes related to Python and they can be prefixed "Python - ".

  • You can do all the stuff while you type on the editor with the “Inline” commands the plugin creates. If you select the text “ww2 aftermath” or place the cursor inside “[[ww2 aftermath]]” and trigger the command, the file will be created in the defined “World War II” folder, and the link will be updated accordingly in the editor.

  • Skip the prefix and create commands so you can bind a hotkey to a note creation inside a folder, for those who create lots of notes in a few folders. So you can for example bind “ctrl+shift+i” to an Inbox folder, without changing the global setting of note creation (I personally prefer to create notes by default in the active file folder).

  • Options for everyone when opening the new note: Current tab, new tab, background tab, new panel or new window. And all commands are separate so you can bind them to different hotkeys.

And there is more stuff… you can check the README for the full list of things. I’ll make some screen recordings this week so it’s easier to see how the plugin works!

And yes, I know most of it can be done using Templater (because that was my first approach) but it gets really messy to mantain, and it didn’t work for me as smoothly as I wished it did so here I am, hopefully it will speed up your workflow as it did mine!


Nice work, this is a really cool plug-in! Makes organizing schoolwork a lot faster for me.

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This does not work for me. I have a short for “ox” for outbox. I type [[ox post]] I select the inside text ox post then fire “new note in new tab” It does not do anything at all.

The only time it works is when I run the command then type “ox post” in the Rapid Note command pop up which then creates the note in the intended folder, but that is way too many clicks and shortcuts pressing to be honest.