Random horizontal lines appearing mid-text

I have attached some screenshots of my issue, as well as the note in which the bug appears to occur.
Please go down to line 572.

My issue here is horizontal lines appearing randomly throughout my note. The note I have here is an extraction from a PDF (my textbook) which I have been highlighting as I read.
As I click on the lines, it selects the entire paragraph. There are no “—” or “___” characters in the paragraphs and the behaviour when trying to delete characters is odd.

I have a screen recording, however I cannot attach it here.

TEXTBOOK—2100.md (531.5 KB)

I have copied your text into my vault and can not reproduce the error. Perhaps it would be useful to you as well if you tried to reproduce the error in a shorter specimen.

Can you elaborate a bit more on that? What behaviour do you observe?

Please reproduce this in the help vault. (Just copy the file there.)

Hey there, sorry about the delay. I had a super busy week as a student.

So this error seems to occur in longer documents (800+ lines, 8200+ words, 53000+ characters).

The horizontal lines appear, as described, randomly. Completely randomly.

I do use “___” to make horizontal line separators, but the ones that do appear are not mine.


  • The line appears and remains on one line. As I type, letters begin to clip through or are hidden under the line. (I will attach many screenshots).
  • When you click on a line, it selects the entire paragraph and the line disappears
  • Once you de-select the selected paragraph, the line reappears in the same state it was before.
  • Some letters will turn black for some reason.
  • Sometimes it is one line, sometimes it is six. When you click on one, they will all disappear and select the affected paragraph, then all reappear upon de-selection.
  • On the topic of deleting characters, the odd behaviour is that the characters that “hide” under the lines will emerge, and the characters that succeed past the line will begin to take the place of the now-deleted characters.

This problem occurs on any long file, not just the file aforementioned. If the file is long enough, the lines will appear.

Below are images of the lines, and what happens when you click on one.

– end of screenshots –

Please post a screen recording of this bug happening in the help vault (the one you get by clicking the ? in the lower left corner) and attach a copy of the file that is causing the issue

You can upload a screen recording in any cloud services you use and post the link here.

In every single instance shown here the funny rendering seems to occur in the place where there is a line break in the PDF (assuming the white pages to the left showing the PDF).

The original sample file seems to have text that has come from another file format, such as PDF or RTF. It doesn’t appear to be original markdown. If that is the case, I doubt any weirdness is down to Obsidian.

Attached is a long file written only in Obsidian. Does this produce the same irregularities?


AnotherSample.md.zip (2.4 KB)

Hey there. I will try that one out.

The files are indeed is a PDF > Markdown.

However, I have observed this behaviour on a note not converted. That is, I created the note and added to it without any conversions.

It was at around ~700 lines that I began observing this behaviour

Here’s an Obsidian-written file of more than 100,000 words / 15,000 lines. Any glitches?


100k.md.zip (4.7 KB)