Raindrop.io Integration

Raindrop.io is a nice link bookmarking & organization app that has a pretty good public API, Zapier, and IFTTT integrations. If you pay for it, it also keeps offline archives of links. Their apps source is also on GitHub (Though the backend is closed), which may be helpful for integration purposes (or not).

Here is a screenshot of what the app itself looks like (All of this can be accessed through the API). I would recommend going to their homepage though, it’s better described there:

The uses cases that come to mind:

  1. Link to raindrop bookmark for reference URLs.
    • Providing a hover-over preview for the reference, as well as the ability to view the cached page (if available).
    • Still maintain the original site URL, but augmented with the raindrop bookmark if it exists
  2. Create raindrop bookmarks from URLs pasted into obsidian notes
    • This helps ensure permanent access to the reference (if you are a paying raindrop user)
    • Better organization for just links through the 3rd party app
  3. Tag sharing
    • Not sure how this would work, or if it’s a bad idea. But consistent, shared, tagging would be handy.