Raindrop Highlight plugin

I managed to add the raindrop highlight and integrate it with the obsidian. The template for the metadata allows to include the tags from the raindrop. However, in obsidian it does not appear in ‘#’ form. I tried adding a ‘#’ in front of {{tag}} but it does apply to all the tags as “{{ tags | join(”, ") " automatically avoid the ‘#’ in the following tags.

Can anyone help me add # on the tags? I am not familiar with JavaScript.


My advice is to not describe the syntax you’re using or the problem you’re experiencing; show it to us.

Paste the actual syntax you’re trying. And a screenshot would be very helpful.


Here is the syntax for tags:
{% if tags|length %}Topics:: {{ tags | join(", ") }}{% endif %}

To add ‘#’ in every tags, I tried with #{{ tags | join(", ") }}. But this only adds # to the first tag.

is shown as