Quiz - type plugin

Not sure the scope of how hard this is to make but, I’m using Obsidian to create a huge notebook for studying. It’d be cool to have some type of quiz function that you can add at the end of each note (something similar to having a folding subject). This could also be aggregated in a quiz-like full note so that you can review all subjects easily or something like that.


I’ve a similar “request”
The plugin author Stephen Mwangi created a plugin similar to Anki’s space repetition method … And the end result is stunning! He did an awesome job, without doubt

But i can’t stand that learning technique. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:. Let’s see what i can suggest.

The point is, i tried hard to familiarize with Anki and not just once
(desperately - in the hope to be wrong with my judgment)
unfortunately, the space repetition method killed my patience all times… Because of the strain to choose between 3 buttons - too distracting! That’s not a way to learn, at least not for me.
Do you get 3 buttons if you listen and talk to people? No, talks are fast paced, that’s reality.

What I’m looking for is a way to repeat quickly multiple and randomly sorted “notes”, like 20 to 40 notes in a time of 5 minutes

Each note needs to have multiple choices (ideally 3 choices or more ) all with audio files attached and only one choice can be the right choice.
If i pick the right choice, the note should reveal further details / description of the right choice.

I don’t know if this kind of plugin is feasible, but if it is, then for the learning benefits of all who use it.

More than one app i used in the past worked with multiple choices to learn and own fast! new words.