Quickly open useful help web resources for Obsidian

I find myself constantly opening the online help pages for Dataview, Templater, the community Hub, and so on. I created this script for Templater to quickly open such websites in the browser via the Obsidian command palette.

The script can easily be modified to add websites that interest you.

It is available here:

Add it to your Templater templates folder and run the script. It will create the command palette commands to open the included sites. When saving it to the templates folder, save it as a markdown file. On GitHub I show it as JavaScript to get the nice color formatting for the script. But it needs to be saved as Markdown in your vault.

I also configured Templater to load this script upon startup of Obsidian. This can be done in settings.

If you need some help with the script, please let me know.


Thank you, love this!

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I did notice how we now have various plugins that can add commands to different parts of the UI, but we still don’t have a way to add custom commands. Is it possible to create a plugin to do this in WYSIWYG mode?