Quickly open note to specific position

I think this is the most efficiency of the split layout:

Left 1 , Right 4 square .

I usually use this layout , don’t add 5th, 6th or more notes. bcz that’s hard to edit.

But there’s a problem ,

The problem is that if I want to open note from file exploring to 4th position, I have to remember that "Click once 4th position first ".

I’ll keep 4th position note, and then, open another note from file exploring to 2nd postion. again, I have to remember that "Click once 2nd position first ".

So, Is there a solution for quickly open note to specific postion without click first?

Option 1 : shortcut 1234 + click
Option 2 : I don’t know, pls suggestion.

Thank you so much !

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Current workaround 1:

AutoHotkey or Keyboard Maestro might help.
Assuming fixed layout. Actions to trigger by the shortcut:

  • get current cursor position
  • click in coordinates for corresponding pane
  • restore cursor position
  • (+ maybe click on link under cursor)

(I used similar procedures in TheBrain to control it by keyboard instead of need for precise mouse control which TheBrain required for routine tasks. In Obsidian I use Andy mode instead.)

Current workaround 2:

Drag file to pane header to navigate (Introduced in Obsidian Release v0.10.0):

Thank you . But I don’t want to use 3rd tool for Obsidian.

If nobody care this feature, nevermind.

Very specific requests are likely to be solved by 3rd party plugins. Obsidian seems to be designed that way. I mentioned AutoHotkey because it is more universal so learning it allows to help myself in many more areas than just in Obsidian, without having to wait for developers to prioritize my specific needs, sometimes indefinitely.

keywords: open link target file in specific numbered pane

Related feature requests:

Thank you ! I completely understand you .

I don’t wanna push this feature currently.

I just just let someone know currently.

This feature has no high skill coding, it’s not hard to implement.

The problem is priority, I can wait.