Obsidian Release v0.10.0

Shiny new things in gifs

Multiselect files:


Drag file from search, drop file to create link:

Drag file from backlinks, drop file to create link:

Drag file to pane header to navigate:

Drag file to other apps for obsidian URI:

Drag attachment from system explorer:

Drag file to starred, reorder stars:

Shiny new things

  • You can now select multiple files in file explorer using Alt+Click, or multiple consecutive files using Shift+Click.
  • You can now reorder starred items.
  • You can now drag files from various of places:
    • Drag a file (or multiple files) from the file explorer, just like before.
    • Drag a file from a search result.
    • Drag a file from a backlink, or an unlinked reference.
    • Drag a file from the starred pane.
  • You can now drop files to various places:
    • Drop a file (or multiple files) onto a folder to move it there. You can even do this with files you picked up from anywhere, like a search result. It doesn’t have to be from the file explorer.
    • Drop a file to a pane’s top header section to open the file in that pane.
    • Drop a file directly into the editor to insert it as a link. The generated link also follows your preferences, such as relative paths, or using markdown links.
    • Drop a file in another application or in another Obsidian vault to generate an obsidian:// link the same way it’s generated as “Copy obsidian url”.
    • Drop a file to the starred pane to star it.
  • You can now drag a supported file from your system explorer to a folder in Obsidian’s file explorer to import a copy there.
  • There is now a dialog with options for page size, landscape mode, and margin options for export to PDF.
  • You can now choose the tab size in editor settings.


  • Quitting the app and restarting will now restore previously open vaults. This will also work on the “relaunch” button after an update has been downloaded.
  • On macOS, Obsidian will no longer quit when all windows are closed.
  • Pressing Tab will now insert spaces if Use tab to indent is turned off.
  • Various visual improvements are added for dragging and dropping panes.
  • The app window’s title will now indicate the vault name.
  • If you have too many ribbon icons, it can now be scrolled to access them all, instead of clipping out the last few icons.
  • If the more options menu is too long, it can now be scrolled to access menu options that was previously off-screen.

No longer broken

  • Sometimes after opening multiple popup windows, all hotkeys stop working. That shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • With an open note in Obsidian that’s been edited outside or by a plugin, sometimes the last newline character disappears. That should no longer happen.
  • Fixed some edge cases where custom CSS causes IME positions to overlap the current line.
  • Vault switcher should now have more space for certain languages that take more space than others.
  • File names with multiple non-breaking spaces will now link properly.
  • The about setting tab no longer populates twice when you click on “Check for updates” twice.
  • The community plugins page no longer populates twice when you click on a plugin name twice.
  • Creating new files will no longer fail if there exists a file called “untitled.md” in lowercase.
  • Global search’s input box will now expand to take the full width.
  • Sync will no longer allow restoring the current version.


  • The workflow for augmenting CodeMirror has been improved:
    • Plugin.registerCodeMirror(callback) has been introduced to help plugins hook to CodeMirror instances that are already loaded, and also created in the future. This function is just a helper for Workspace.iterateCodeMirrors(callback) then Workspace.on('codemirror', callback)
    • Workspace.iterateCodeMirrors(callback) has been introduced to help plugins cleanup their CodeMirror events when the plugin unloads.
    • App.on('codemirror', callback) has been moved to Workspace.on('codemirror', callback). The old method will be deprecated and will now proxy to the new one. There is no more event system on App.