Quickly merge multiple notes using Search and Note Composer

I’ve found myself wanting to merge multiple source notes into a single destination note for various reasons.

I took a detour to document my current approach to this. Currently published on my Publish site at: Quickly merge multiple notes in Obsidian


My use case is to cut noise of scattered Daily notes and consolidate them into a single Dailies note per month.

I like having the Daily note in the moment for my working notes and use it to branch off into more atomic notes. I’ve found that reviewing Daily notes doesn’t hold up for my workflow and I’d rather have a big concatenated “Daily Notes for October” to scan through and review.

Merging them makes them much more digestible and scannable to review the month and distill highlights into Weekly / Monthly as needed and clears up visual clutter.

Is this possible through plugins?

  • 2021-11-30 It doesn’t seem this is currently possible. I found some dead forum threads where this was raised Easily merge multiple notes
  • 2021-12-01 I see here Merge notes and update backlinks - #36 by WhiteNoise they claim this functionality will come in 0.12.6
    • It is unclear whether they are talking about “easily merge multiple notes” or “support automatic merge when note naming conflicts arise”. I suspect the incoming feature is for note naming conflicts.

Merge Daily notes into Dailies

The somewhat manual process that is pretty quick to accomplish this I found:

Use search to filter down to daily files for a month such as path:daily file:2021-10-. Sort results by filename.


Copy the results

  1. Paste the list into destination file
  2. Optional: Paste the list into YAML aliases
  3. Pin the destination file so it stays open
  4. For each item in the list
    1. Open the source note
    2. Command Palette “Merge”
    3. Select destination file as “merge into…”

Resulting in final destination file


Edit: My bad! I hadn’t read your post. I thought it was a feature request, and had only really checked out the title. I can delete this tomorrow. But I will leave it up for now. Sorry.

@erikaybar : Good idea! I made a similar request here: Note Combo-Linker

I am realizing that I should probably simplify it and will likely do that soon. If you check it out, you may want to scroll down. There are a few comments that flesh out a few possible implementations a bit clearer than I was able to.


I have enchanted the same issue with the same motivation as you.

I have tried the manual method you wrote about in this post, but the result I got doesn’t include the title/filename of each daily notes (e.g. 2023-01-01, 2022-12-31), instead the destination file is just a combination of all the content in each previous daily notes stacking together.

Appearantly this isn’t what I need.

May I ask:

  • how did you achieve the result in the last image in your post ?