Quickly capture ideas on mobile phone without waiting for obsidian to open

I want to introduce a way to quickly record ideas on the mobile side by combining them with USEMEMOS so that they can be quickly recorded without waiting for obsidian to open,

Actual experience:

  1. Memos Web App: https://github.com/quanru/obsidian-periodic-para/assets/11739753/b2dfbe07-869c-4b08-93a8-85c289755a71
  2. MoeMemos App
  3. iOS Shortcut: https://github.com/quanru/obsidian-periodic-para/assets/11739753/3d967527-b021-4a15-acd4-f5e6b0701a99

Just three steps, and you can have a memos service that can be used in conjunction with Obsidian daily notes for only 0.01 USD per day.


  1. Fork a Usememos replit template Usememos - Replit
  2. Search and open the postgreSQL panel, create a database PostgreSQL on Replit | Replit Docs
  3. To deploy as Autoscale Deployments, remember to click Add DATABASE_URL as the environment variable, fill in the Execute command, and then click Deploy!

4. Download example vault or Install Periodic PARA Plugin, the setting is as follows:

r/ObsidianMD - Just three steps, and you can have a memos service that can be used in conjunction with Obsidian daily notes for only 0.01 USD per day.



The “memos web app” link links to a video, not a web app.

Neither this post nor your Gumroad page for buying the vault explain what the memos subscription service is.

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This is USEMEMOS, it’s open source, you can deploy one, and then with the plug-in you can use the functionality in the video: https://usememos.com/

Thanks. What’s the subscription service?

There is a demo, you can have a try: Memos

What I mean is: the only mention of subscriptions that I see is here and on the Gumroad page. I don’t see any info about how someone would normally subscribe, or what they would get when they do, or how much it would cost. It sounds like it’s a server-based app so I’d guess the subscription is to an instance that the user doesn’t have to host or maintain themselves, but the website https://usememos.com/ says the service is free forever.

I’m charging because I’m going to deploy a service, and the https://usememos.com/ site says free is that you need to find a cloud platform to deploy it.

There is really no subscription channel at present. I want to see if anyone is interested!

If the thing you’re offering a free month’s subscription to doesn’t exist yet, I recommend saying so in the offer (for example: “Obsidian Periodic PARA Vault with one-month subscription to the forthcoming memos service”). Currently it sounds like you are selling 2 things in a package (a vault and a month-long subscription). A person who buys that package may be upset when they learn that one of the things they paid for doesn’t exist.

And whether it exists or not, I recommend including a description of the thing or a link to one in the offer. Otherwise people don’t know what you’re offering them and so don’t can’t judge whether it has any value to them.


Thanks. I changed it

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Hi, I updated a way to quickly deploy the memos service using replit without a subscription