Quicker Global Search & File Search (Better Indexing)

Use case or problem

I have a vault which contains over 126k+ markdown files. When globally searching for any term there is some lag, but nothing near as much lag as there is when using CMD+O for searching for a particular file.

Proposed solution

This latter case could use some UX improvement by either showing a linear loading indicator that it is searching for the file or search efficiency could be improved for a snappier result for large Obsidian vaults.

Other Oddity

With such a large vault, I’ve also noticed that Obsidian reindexes all files each time I open the vault, despite me allowing the vault to complete the indexing the previous time I opened the vault. The same computer is used and no changes were made to the vault to cause this reindexing to occur.


  • macOS Ventura 13.2.1
  • Obsidian 1.1.16

Unfortunately, the same caching happens with the Obs. Omnisearch plugin (had to disable that, alas) and the ripgrep function of the Another Quick Switcher plugin (and outside Obsidian, text editors like Notepad++, Sublime Text, etc.) as well.

Unsure I understand your proposed solution, but I still think a linear progress indicator would be a good addition to the CMD+O file search bar as there is no loading indication to the user that anything is happening with large vaults.

I agree.
I was not proposing anything. I only hinted at other search solutions others viewing the forum might want to have a look at.
There is no progress bar with those, either.
I have only 18000 files but still the going is slow.

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