QuickAdd seems to grab an undocumented shortcut

The QuickAdd plug-in seems to grab ⌥+D on Mac.

On the global level, I have set ⌥+D to insert a :heavy_check_mark:︎ . This worked fine with Obsidian until I installed the QuickAdd plug-in. Presently, I have set the sole QuickAdd hotkey (to run QuickAdd) set to ⌥+A.

Now, hitting ⌥+D brings up a window

If I type another ⌥+D, I get a :heavy_check_mark:︎ in that new window.

Disabling the plug-in brings back expected behavior.

The HotKeys section does not show any usage of ⌥+D where I would have expected to see QuickAdd’s usage (but not my macOS level shortcut).

Have I missed something?

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