Quickadd question from a new user

Hi guys,

Quick question about QuickAdd. Please bear with me as I’m new to this…

I want to add a capture function where I can add items to a particular section of a note, but I want to vary the destination note every time. I know how to use Quickadd to add to the same note each time.

It’s probably easier to explain the precise usage function.

I have notes for people that I work with. Every notes has their name as the title of the note (e.g. John Smith).

Each note has a heading #2 called “Agenda” for things I need to speak to them about.

If I want to QuickAdd to that section of the note, is there a way I can do that where, during the Quick Add process, it gives me the option to chose the destination note with each input?


Quick Add items can be chained, and you’ve got the possibility to use variables which persists between these items.

In other words, it should be doable to have one macro ) or user script to select the target file, and then another thingy to insert the text to your designated section.

How do you plan to select the destination file? Is it just the currently active file, or is it somewhere else?

Hi there. Thanks for the response.

It wouldn’t be the active file. I was hoping to have a dropdown box of some type (similar to the Command+O function), if that was possible?

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