QuickAdd plugin and empty/falsy values

I’m trying to do a movie import from themoviedb, and I have a couple boolean prompts with questions for some extra data I want to add. I.e.:

  • watched: this sets watched to true, and also sets watchedDate to current date.
  • with wife: if I watched with my wife or alone. If yes, adds her to watchedWithPeople. Otherwise, that’s an empty string (since I guess we need to join arrays in a string.

The problem is that false and "" makes QuickAdd prompt me for the values again.

Script Code:

const withWife = await QuickAdd.quickAddApi.yesNoPrompt("with wife?");
const watched = await QuickAdd.quickAddApi.yesNoPrompt("watched now?");

  QuickAdd.variables = {
    withPeople: withWife ? "Lu" : "",
    watched: watched,
    watchedDates: watched ? new Date().toISOString() : "",


withPeople: {{VALUE:withPeople}}
watched: {{VALUE:watched}}
watchedDates: {{VALUE:watchedDates}}

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