QuickAdd Macro: Showing a list of files to Capture automatically

I wanted to use QuickAdd to capture ideas to multiple notes to multiple different notes

Unfortunately with the Capture choice, I needed to manually write out the files in a wild way in order to list them the way I wanted. This was that horror:

Luckily, I’ve been poking around with JS and managed to create a macro to list files the way I needed without manually doing a lot of work.

Search Criteria JS File

This is the file that takes some information on what to look for.

module.exports = (params) => {
    //Brainstorm Notes
    params.variables.fileType = { 
        folder: "31 Stories/Stories",
        folderExclude: "!!Test", 
        filename: "Brainstorm" 
  • folder is the location it’s looking for the notes from the root of the vault (don’t include your vault name in the whole path).
  • folderExclude is the name of a folder that you’re excluding
  • filename is the name of the files that you’re search for

Another example of this type of file:

module.exports = (params) => { 

    //Reference Notes
    params.variables.fileType = {
        folder: "50 Nebula", 
        //folderExclude: "", 
        // There's no folder to exclude so I commented it out

fileFilter JS File

This is the file that filters the files and displays then in the quickswitcher suggester:

module.exports = async function listFiles(params) {
    // Grab fileType variables
    const fileType = params.variables.fileType;
    const folder = fileType.folder;
    const folderExclude = fileType.folderExclude;
    const filename = fileType.filename;

    // Search for files that match fileType parameters
    const files = params.app.vault.getMarkdownFiles()
        .filter(file => file.path.match(folder))
        .filter(file => { 
            //Check if folderExclude field exists
            if (folderExclude) { return !file.path.match(folderExclude) }
            else { return file }
        .filter(file => file.basename.match(filename))

        //Sort by File Name
        .sort((a,b) => a.basename.localeCompare(b.basename))
        //Sort by Folder
        .sort((a,b) => a.parent.path.localeCompare(b.parent.path))
        //This was to show file outside of inner folder on top 
        //then sort the files in the inner folder

    // Display files to select
    const notesDisplay = await params.quickAddApi.suggester(
        (files) => files.basename,

    // Pass selected note's path to notes variable
    params.variables = { notes: notesDisplay.path };


  1. Save all these files somewhere inside your vault as .js files.
  2. Open QuickAdd > Manage Macros > Add Macro > User Scripts
  3. Select your search criteria js files and then add the fileFilter js file
  4. Create a Capture choice inside the macro
  5. Add these to your capture choice’s field for File Name: {{VALUE:notes}}
  6. Change any other settings in the capture macro to your preferred setup
  7. Go back to the regular QuickAdd settings menu and add a Macro choice
  8. Title it whatever you’d like and toggle the lightning to either hotkey or use the command prompt to trigger it.

That’s it! Now it should list the files you want to see without having to manually add each one.

If anything was unclear, feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer it.

:tada: Thanks to @AB1908 for the help with the initial sorting functions and @scholarInTraining for pointing me in the right direction in the QuickAdd documentation and explaining how to do the separate file for the variables.