QuickAdd: Create Note, Prompt for Value for Title, Add Link in Daily Note

What I’m trying to do

Using QuickAdd I want to create a new note where a prompt asks for the name of the note, I’m prompted as to where the note should be placed in folder structure, and a link to the note is added to my daily note.

Things I have tried

Been trying to figure out macros as best as I could after watching the how to video included in the add on. I’ve successfully figured out how to add a note but there is no additional options to prompt for a {{value}} to put in to rename the note.

Thanks in advance.

I believe you can do what you want with QuickAdd.

You need a 2-step macro. The first step is a template command that looks something like.

I couldn’t get QuickAdd to do anything without having a template, so I created an empty template.

Note that the File name uses “{{Value:Forum Note Name}}”. You could call it just “Note Name”. You need to remember this name for step two.

I also said to let me “Choose folder when creating a new note”. This will allow you to pick where you want the file created.

The second step is a capture that looks something like (this is a screen capture from something similar I do):

My daily notes are in a folder called “SecondBrain/Journal/daily”. I further extend the folders with the name with the year and the month. Finally I use the normal YYYY-MM-DD format for my folder name.

Unless you’re sure the daily folder will be created before you do this, then you should have QuickAdd create the file if it doesn’t exist. You’ll need to tell it where the template is.

The capture portion will looks something like

- [[{{VALUE:Forum Note Name}}]]

This generates a list link to the file with the name created in the previous step.

I haven’t tried it all out, but I have similar pieces in my working vault so I’m fairly confident that it can be done.

Two caveats with QuickAdd. First, I notice that when I change the configuration of a QuickAdd command (e.g., change the template configuration, the capture configuration, add steps to a macro, etc.) that QuickAdd doesn’t always update it’s internal tables until I stop and start Obsidian. You’ll get bizarre error messages because it hasn’t recognized your changes yet. It’s a known bug which I think the plugin author has attempted to fix, but I’m not convinced it is fixed yet.

Second, be careful when you use VARIABLE names that you don’t introduce extra spaces. {{VARIABLE:Note Name}} and {{VARIABLE: Note Name}} are not the same (note the space after the colon in the second instance). This has tripped me up a couple of times.

I still like QuickAdd and I use it extensively in my vault. For 80% of file creation tasks, I think it simplifies a lot of stuff.

Good Luck

Sorry for delay on this on this one. I have gotten the creation of a note down but inserting it into my daily note is not working as expected. I’m also getting two distinct prompts when I run the macro. The first is:

Forum Note Name

The second is:

Untitled Capture Choice

I suspect I’m missing something with the quoted reference:

[[{{VALUE:Forum Note Name}}]]

Am I supposed to be putting that value in the daily note somewhere?

Thanks a ton for the assist. I intend on making various QuickAdds with this depending on what kind of note I’m creating. I have additional requests after but I suspect I should tackle one thing at a time.


I’ve been away as well.

“Forum Note Name” is the name of the quickadd variable that should contain the name of the note you created. But, I just picked that name and you don’t need to use that particular name. If you called it something like “New Note” (in the template step of your macro), then just replace “Forum Note Name” with that. The important thing is that whatever name you specified in your template portion of the macro the note name (e.g., “{{VALUE:new note}}” matchs what is in the capture step (e.g., "[[{{VALUE:new note}}]]

I don’t know about “Untitled Capture Choice” unless it’s because you haven’t matched the note name in the capture with that in the template.