Quick vault help needed

First, search the help docs and this forum. Maybe your question has been answered! The debugging steps can help, too. Still stuck? Delete this line and proceed.

What I’m trying to do

I need to rename my vault…when I follow the steps, I get prompted that I can’t rename an open vault. I’m using Mac. But I can’t figure out how to close the vault…I only have 1 vault.

Things I have tried

Search the forum and Dr. Google for “how to close a vault in Obsidian”…found 1 post on this forum with this advice:

“You would close the vault window like any other app in your operating system. Click the “X” top-right or use your OS keyboard shortcut.”

I don’t see any “X” on the top right. the only “x” i see is in the tabs.

You could try this: Open the Sandbox vault (Help / F1) →

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 20.08.45

Then close your main vault using the “X”. Top left red stoplight on the Mac.
→ Open the vault switcher from the Sandbox vault (above the (?) icon).
→ Use the three dots next to the vault name to rename it.

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Thanks so much. It worked. Very nice of you to take the time to help out. Appreciate it

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