Quick switcher shows thousands of extraneous files

I’m trying to migrate from Evernote to Obsidian and so far its been a smooth experience - except for one rather major issue - note clutter.

It seems like both the quick switcher AND the note explorer not only show the regular notes (md files), but also show EVERY SINGLE OTHER FILE IN THE VAULT. Since each of my notes has approximately 5-6 embedded images, this presents a huge amount of visual noise and makes the note search practically unusuable since it frequently pulls hundreds of images that happen to have part of the search query in the PNG/GIF file name itself.

Example: I want to find notes related to Screens (Flatscreen Research, Screener Info, Greenscreens), so I start typing “screen” into the Quick Switcher and instead I get hundreds of attachments:

  • screenshot 10-12-21.jpg
  • screenshot 10-09-20.jpg
  • screenshot 08-20-20.jpg
  • etc.

I would argue that 99% of non-MD files in the vault are embedded into actual notes anyways which makes showing them in quick switcher completely unnecessary. I assume there must be a way to auto-hide non-MD files but I’ve searched everywhere in the settings and can’t find anything.

I’ve never encountered another note editor (OneNote, Notion, etc) that had this issue so I’m hoping that I’m just missing some option somewhere.

EDIT: I should state that if there is a workaround like “oh you have to type filter:note_only screen” that’s really not ideal considering how fast and frequently a person has to do searches.

Quick switcher has a setting to hide attachments. That said, I think you will need to move all of the non-MD files into a dedicated attachment folder.

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