Quick Switcher Search - Width and Options to Select Specific Folders

What I’m trying to do

2 problems :-

  1. I have a nested directory structure in a single vault and so there are many file names get really long. Is there a way to increase the width of the pop-up for quick switcher. (Please see the attached screenshot)
  2. There are a few folders where I have attachments. I don’t want to search them in quick switcher, but it is to show up while adding a link in document. I was unable to find these in the settings page.

Things I have tried

I have searched online, these forums and have manually searched all the settings. I am still unable to find the solution.

Please see the attached screenshot

For no. 1, there’s a custom property you can change to adjust the prompt widths (quick switcher, command palette). The default is 700px.

body {
    --prompt-width: 1200px;


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Thanks this worked. :slight_smile:

For no. 2, you could try Settings > Files & Links → Excluded files. I’ve added my attachments folder here for my main vault, and the attachments tend to show up at the bottom of the suggestions. I haven’t tried it with multiple folders.

I tried this, however the problem is that it makes it less noticeable in both Quick Switcher and Link Suggestions.

The use case - In general, I search only my notes and not the attachments (png files etc). The attachments are embedded in the notes to give context to the attachments.

I essentially want the functionality to exclude only in Quick Switcher, but the attachments should be visible while adding a link .

Got it.

There are a few alternative quick switcher plugins you could try. It looks like GitHub - tadashi-aikawa/obsidian-another-quick-switcher: This is an Obsidian plugin which is another choice of Quick switcher. lets you exclude folders in a “exclude prefix path patterns” section.

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