Quick switcher Plugin - Scroll through all matching files

Use case or problem

When I want to change to another file and I remember some part of its name, I use the Quick switcher. But when I type words (e.g. ‘how’) that are used in a bunch of filenames, only 10 matches appear. Never more than 10.

Searching for ‘how’ inside ‘Obsidian Help’ vault with Obsidian. Only 10 results.

Proposed solution

Show all the matching filenames (file + path) adding a scrollbar. If you must set a limit, it could be higher… 100 results maybe?

Current workaround (optional)

I open my vault with VSCode or SublimeText, press Ctrl + P and search there.


Searching for ‘how’ inside ‘Obsidian Help’ vault with SublimeText shows all the 19 results. The first is ‘Advanced topics*How* Obsidian stores data.md’ , the other 18 are the 18 md files inside ‘How to’ folder. The scrollbar is present and the resultset can be navigated with keyboard.


Why are some/many threads tagged “feature request” also tagged “plugin-release”?! By definition, if it’s a request, it hasn’t been released yet. Pls Fix.

Hi, with both tags I mean the plugin exists but I’m requesting a change on it. I’ve saw it on others threads so I copied them.

However I understand your point and now it seems odd. I remove the plugin-release tag.

@andrezgz - I certainly wasn’t singling you out! Love your input and all the other people here with a helpful and generous spirit. I was simply tired of the ambiguity of the tag, and knowing that a release is just that - a new plugin that didn’t exist before – I’m directing this to admins – maybe we can have a plugin-updated tag that better fits these types of discussions? Anyway - back to Quick switcher… keep up the good work.