Quick Switcher Hotkey Bug

Steps to reproduce

Application Version: v0.13.13
Safe mode: on

  1. Open a new vault
  2. Create any two pages, one is called AAA and another is called BBB
  3. Press Ctrl + o to switch to AAA
  4. Press Ctrl + o again
  5. Application froze!

Expected result

The application expects to continue work and allows to switch to another page.

Actual result

The whole application froze. Need to right-click the tab and quick the application. Alt + F4 does not work.


  • Operating system: Windows 10 Professional 21H1 19043.1415
  • Obsidian version: v0.13.13

Additional information

First time switch:

Second time switch:

This is not Obsidian problem. There is some other software in your system that is causing this. You should have the same problem with discord.

Other users have reported NZXT software causing this.

OH MY ****ING GOD!!!
The hotkey for NZXT software is conflict!!!
You are so damn right!!
Thank you so much!!