Quick switcher broken in 0.9.2

Steps to reproduce

Ctrl-O to open Quick Switcher - type text to search and open a file.
Ctrl-O to open Quick Switcher again - type text.

Expected result

Quick Switcher functions normally both times.

Actual result

Quick Switcher freezes Obsidian when opened a second time. App must be force quit.


Obsidian 0.9.3 insider
Windows 10
Using the Help vault or a personal vault

Still broken in 0.9.3

I can’t reproduce. Can you post a screen recording and see if you get error in the console?

How do I pull up the console?

ctrl-shift-i or cmd-alt-i

This is what the console shows:

click on the console tab

Nothing shows up under the console tab. FWIW this hard freeze also occurs if I try the same in the Help vault. Frustrating to not have the quick switcher.

Any other tips?

I can’t reproduce your problem. Can you try to produce a screen recording? screentogif

Also, please follow the template when you report bugs.

In the second Quick Switcher opening, my mouse and keyboard are no longer registering clicks within Obsidian. Everything else in the system is responsive.

For the bug template - can you please link the template you are referring to? I didn’t see one stickied in the bugs forum.

Revised OP to follow bug template.

I can’t repro either. Is there any noticeable changes you’ve done recently, for example, have you customized any frequently used hotkeys?

I figured it out!

There is an incompatibility with NZXT CAM, a system monitor that runs in the background. That app has a hotkey for an overlay of Ctrl-O; even when changing that hotkey to another set of keys the problem persists in Obsidian. If I quit NZXT CAM, or set the hotkey to null, then the Obsidian Quick Switcher works fine. This bug can be closed, as it appears to originate entirely from another app.


Oh wow thanks @icebear! I don’t think I’d ever figure it out if it weren’t for the above comment. Thanks again.

sorry for the unintended bump

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