Quick switch between vaults?

Is there a “Quick Switcher” or keyboard shortcut that would allow me to quickly switch my view to a different vault? I’d like to be able to bounce back and forth between 2 or 3 vaults (examples: my personal vault, the Obsidian help vault, etc.). Is this possible? The only way I can manage so far is to click on the “Open Another Vault” button and selecting the other vault I want to view.


There isn’t a feature inside of Obsidian for what you described, but you can have vaults open in separate windows and switch between them using your OS.

Quick switching vaults inside of Obsidian sounds like a good #feature-requests

If you’re on Windows, you can use the jump list of Obsidian in the task bar for this purpose.

Oh, thanks for this. That’s an interesting option. Then you can use Win key to toggle between Obsidian windows and also cycle the jump list.

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@davidelawrence: seeing the answers you got so far, I may misunderstand your question. Nevertheless, I am taling that risk of giving you an answer to a non-issue.

In the hotkeys section, filter on “vault”, and you’ll find the “open another vault” for which you can set a hotkey yourself.

I only discovered it a few days ago, a godsend, because, like you, I was fed up having to click that button so I dug a bit. That is probably one of my most frequently used hotkeys.

So, if this is not what you’re after I apologise.


Note that you need to set the hotkey up in each vault for this approach to work smoothly

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