Quick shortcut for checklists?

Use case or problem

Typing -<space>[<space>] is a lot of work to create a checkbox.

Proposed solution

One idea: type _<space> to create a checkbox. This behavior aligns with bulleted lists, where -<space> is transformed into a bullet.

This would introduce a change in behavior to bulleted lists, which currently can be created using either a leading hyphen or underscore.

If you do [Ctrl]+Enter on Windows or [Cmd]+Enter on Mac, you get a checkbox. Does this solve your need?

The default is now cmd/ctrl + L for Toggle checkbox status. There’s another unassigned command as well, Cycle bullet/checkbox.


Seconding this.

The case is migrating from another software that after years of usage has carved []<space> into the muscle memory, so now [] (edit: it is so common, that even the forum supports it) pops up before I’m able to even think about it and then I have to erase and repeat.

It would be great to be able to get that flow back as I’m getting lost in those Ctrl+L / Ctrl+Enter / - [ ]