Quick Notes (Windows, Android and iOS only) - Notezilla 9

I dithered about posting in case it was thought an advertorial, but then I reflected:

  • there’s no way it could rival the number of words written on Alfred
  • Windows only programs have received far less attention than Mac only programs
  • there have been many discussions on methodologies for quick notes and mobile
  • it complements, but doesn’t compete with, Obsidian
  • I’ve seen no discussion on a similar workflow or program
  • it’s a program I actively use as a paying customer (I have no other connection with the developer or incentive for posting this).

Notezilla is a venerable (been going over 20 years) commercial sticky notes program that I have been using for a long time. The latest version introduces the option of using a markdown editor instead of the rich text one (can switch between them), which is a game changer for using it as a front end for Obsidian.

It has the usual sticky note features (plus many that aren’t so common), but I’ll only describe those relevant to my Obsidian-related workflow.

Quick notes
With sync enabled, notes are synchronised across all devices which means that it works as a good way of writing quick notes whatever device I am on. On Windows PCs I export as markdown (into .txt files) into my Obsidian inbox (or other folders when desired). Single keypress to create new note. Mobile widgets make it easy to see content of chosen notes or a defined set of first lines (I usually have recent notes).

My core writing-related workflow on Windows
Notezilla has features for keep on top, roll up and attach to windows or desktop. (Also has a notes browser and tagging system for easy management).

I often attach notes to windows (eg file X on Typora); this means that the note is only visible when that file is opened in that program. (Doesn’t work so well with Obsidian - notes attach to a vault rather than specific files - a limitation from the vault system, but this affects me less than it would some because of my multiple nested vault system). When I have many notes that I’m using as sources, I will stack them one in a rolled up state, one above the other, to one side of the document I am working on: one mouse click and they are displayed, another and they are rolled up again. When combined with various colours, it’s also a good way of attaching comments to documents.

Other features of some importance to me

  • individual encryption of individual notes
  • the option to have selected notes local only and not synchronised
  • notes can have reminders and alarms

I haven’t tested the limits of its markdown. It has:

  • text styling (bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, ==highlight==)
  • bullets, checklists
  • tables
  • links
  • quotes
  • code
  • images can be attached, but don’t export as part of a markdown file (HTML only I assume).

It’s enough for me for quick notes. The markdown help link goes to a limited commonmark page. The bits I use are compatible with Obsidian.

One time only payment - $29.95
Subscription - $29.95 first year and $19.95 thereafter.
Subscription can be canceled any time and leaves user with a permanent licence to the current software version. So no advantage not to start with subscription and defer decision on whether to continue to renewal time (renewal is automatic, but there is prior warning giving time to cancel).

Over the years, there has always been a payment model that followed the fashion of the time. Development of the program has been continuous, steady rather than rapid. And it has, to me, always been good enough when compared to alternatives to be worth the price.