Quick methods to paste 'human language' weblinks into Obsidian (like Bear app)

What I’m trying to do

I want to copy then paste weblinks into Obsidian notes that resolve to a human language description like [Into the Mystic | acoustic - electric] without having to select CMD K and fill the markdown in myself. Bear does this automatically.

Things I have tried

The only thing I have tried is filling in the title in the first field and copying the link in the second. Perhaps Canvas might be able to do what I want but, as a writer, I prefer to stick with Obsidian’s markdown.

Do CMD K after selecting the text and it will add the brackets — then all you need to do is paste the weblink (the cursor will be in the right place). (This requires Settings > Editor > “Autocomplete Markdown pairings” to be enabled, which it is by default).

If that’s still not fast enough, there is a community plugin called “Paste URL into selection”.

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This plugin fetches the title from the URL and formats the link automatically:


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Got your message. Thanks much for the speedy reply. Hopefully you can help me with one other thing. . .Does Obsidian offer an option for Typewriter Mode? As a writer, I like to keep my current line in the middle of the note.

Much appreciated.

(It’s better to start new threads for unrelated questions. But:)

Not built in. There’s at least one plugin for it.

There’s another plugin that might be of interest. Paste URL into Selection. That might be useful to you.

I use this extension which lets you copy the URL + Title in configurable markdown format to paste into Obsidian in one step.

Extension for Firefox or Chrome.