Quick link to the previous note?

Going through each note and having to type [] to then click the previous page in the list to link to the previous page. Is there a shortcut or plugin for this I could use to create links to the previous page quickly?

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Does anyone have a solution for this please?

If you want to navigate between certain notes, like daily notes, then you can use Templater’s tp.date.now(…) tp.date - Templater and offset-argument

Then just use internal links [[<% tp.date.now(…) %>]]

If you want to have Navigate back command as link in your note, then you can use Obsidian Advanced URI Commands | Obsidian Advanced URI

If you want to have Navigate back command elsewhere then you can use Commander plugin to add it to various places.

If you want to quickly reference previous notes, then use QuickSwitcher++ Release 3.3.3 · darlal/obsidian-switcher-plus · GitHub

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