Quick Jot-Down Widget on Mobile

Dear Community,

I use Obsidian most of the time to quickly jot down notes on my phone during the day.

I try to stick to the Zettelkasten principle, which suggests first writing everything in bite-sized pieces and then later sorting through and organizing what I’ve written into respective notes.

My problem is that I accumulate all of my ideas then in one big note, which I later organize into their respective notes. This process is time-consuming and tedious.

I would love to have an option to:

  • Quickly add something to Obsidian on mobile (perhaps through a widget or some sort of shortcut, as Obsidian on mobile is slow and takes a while to open, even with all plugins turned off)
  • Not only quick-add but also have a feature that directly pastes your jotted-down text into the respective note (and even heading!) through a drop-down selection maybe.

Is there a plug-in out there, that can achieve something similar? Elsewise I would love the Obsidian team to consider adding something similar to the road map.

Looking forward to your replies!

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