Quick feature requests to improve Obsidian's UI/UX

Just wanted to share some quick feature requests that I think would make the interface more intuitive/consistent:

  • Allow users to cmd-click the sidebar buttons (graph view, today’s note, random note) for opening them in a new tab. This would make the interface consistent with the cmd-click functionality for the search sidebar.
  • Add a filter search box to the plugins page in the settings menu, similar to the one available on the hotkeys and community themes pages.
  • Consistency in “today’s note” vs. “daily notes.” The plugin page refers to this feature as “daily notes,” but the sidebar button says “Open today’s note.” When I was searching for the hotkey for this feature, it is listed as “Open today’s note” as well, even though I expected it to be “daily note.” Very minor, but consistent naming of “daily” or “today” would be less confusing to users.

Also +1 to the suggestion for URL scheme functionality!

Absolutely loving Obsidian so far—thank you all for your amazing work on this!


I’m not sure about that. Surely daily notes are the collection and Today’s note is the daily note for today?

Ah, I didn’t think about it that way—but that’s a good point. Perhaps adding some combination of both words could help with discoverability? I just struggled to find the hotkey initially because I filtered for “daily” and it didn’t pop up. Was just trying to find some way to make that more intuitive.

Anything that makes buttons and hot keys more obvious and intuitive would be an improvement.