Quick demo of a real-time collaborative editing plugin I've been working on

Link to Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LW8disx1DJDn317hn7bKr1usKPYL9miz/view?usp=sharing

Hey everyone here’s a demo video of a weekend project been working on - real-time editing within obsidian. The video just shows my obsidian app (left) and my friend’s app (right - in google hangouts) and he shares a link to a collaborative note that we both type on.

I started working on this because I have some friends using obsidian as part of their screenplay writing process and they really wanted a way to work on a document at the same time. I would love to continue building this into a robust service for the obsidian community.
Let me know if you would use it!

Current Features:

  • Edit text in real-time (media not yet supported)
  • See collaborator’s cursors and highlights
  • Edit offline and sync when re-connected to peers
  • Create collaborative notes from new or existing notes via command
  • Share collaborative notes with obsidian:// links
  • Menu of all collaborative notes in your vault

Hoping to publish the plugin in the next couple of weeks! Still need to figure out the server that connects peers - I’m hoping to implement an encryption scheme so no user data is held.


I really like the idea, great work!

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Amazing! Great work!
I’m interested in a tech stack.

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This could easily become one of the most popular plugins. Keep it up!


Thanks! The key element of the tech stack is GitHub - yjs/yjs: Shared data types for building collaborative software. The ydocs are bound to obsidian’s editor and persist these special documents via indexeddb. LiveSync looks really cool btw!

The next step is to set up servers that are used to connect peers.


That’s awesome

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This looks phenomenal

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This looks awesome! Did you have the time to continue developing this?



want… :drooling_face: