Quick Capture Note Link to Things 3


I am using Things 3 as my goto Task Manager. A common workflow is, to quick capture Todos to Things with a global hotkey. For getting the context in which one captured a task, there is the great Things Helper. With a special hotkey one can e.g. from Safari capture a note with the current URL in the description.


I want to have the link to an Obsidian Note in the task I capture, when I want to e.g. follow up on something in the note. The Things Helper does not (yet?) support Obsidian.


  1. Install KeySmith
  2. Create a shortcut in Obsidian for Copy obsidian url (I use Shift CMD C)
  3. Create the following Keysmith macro: image
  4. which will result in: e5b3bf0625082fb21c02aa3d65c2ffdc35c72d15

Apple Script:

set note_link to the clipboard
tell application "Things3" 
  show quick entry panel with properties ¬
{name:"", notes:note_link}
end tell
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I’ve made a similar one for Keyboard Maestro that will also fetch note’s title and currently selected line and paragraph:

The hook-get-address is interesting. Where did you find that? It’s not documented in the obsidian help afaics.

It is docummented. It’s by the end of the URI help page. It generates a markdown link that serves as input for my RegEx match that follows.

Thank you for this. This made Obsidian even more useful in my workflows.


Hi :smile:
The KM macro looks good and just what I need…however, trying to reproduce it exposes my severe lack of KM skills :frowning:
Any chance of uploading/sharing the KM macro file please?
Thanks in advance.

Sure, here’s a dropbox link to the exported macro.

Thank you :grinning:

Do I have to disable things helper, bc if i try to capture the hotkey for keysmith the helper pops up?

@ocarid: that did not happen for me. If it does, then that might be a workaround

@dabai thank you for your quick response - I solved it by:

  1. assigning different keybindings to the things helper
  2. building the keysmith script
  3. assigning things helper back to the default keybindings