Quick assign date tag in properties interface

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Use case or problem

When I set the date property of a file, I always have to type in the full date in a mm/dd/yyyy format or click into the small calendar icon and select the specific date. This feels onerous especially when I often want to just set the date property to the current day.

Proposed solution

I’d like an easier way of the current date to the date property of a file. Magybe there’s a quick shortcut I can press that will do that. Or, I could type in “today” or set the default value in some way.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)


Have you tried clicking the date icon, and then “today” ?

Other possibilities

  • Use the “Templates: Insert current date” command, which can be bound to a hotkey.

  • Apply a template that contains the date in your custom format:

date: {{date:MM/DD/YYYY}}

Applying that template to a note will either insert the YAML code, or, if a YAML block is already there, either add or update the date: field.

Thanks! I didn’t notice the today option when I was working with this. Maybe it’s new?

This is faster than picking from the calendar but still not as quick as I’d like. Would like to minimize any clicking I have to do and prefer to nav with the keyboard (tab, etc.).

Could be a good enough work around for now.

Thanks. These are helpful but still not quite affording what I’d like.

I’d like to quickly set the date property to today’s date in the properties interface that pops up in the top of the file. The first doesn’t help me set the properties. The second, I don’t quite like because it doesn’t feel as clean

I wonder what is not “clean” about the approach. Only, inserting the template indeed involves more steps than a single hotkey because one cannot set a hotkey to apply a specific template with the core Template plugin. The community plugin “templater” however allows that.