Quick add workflow (into daily notes) using QuickAdd, Advanced URI and Shortcuts - iOS and macOS

This allows you quickly input text that would be appended to your daily notes (it will create a new daily note if one hasn’t been created yet). You don’t have to use daily notes if you don’t want to.


This requires the following plugins:

Set Up

Daily Note Template

You can use any daily note template or just a new note template.
Here’s my example:

The only thing to note is the heading where you want your notes to be appended.
In my case, it’s ## Notes

QuickAdd Capture

This plugin allows you to create a quick capture popup and control where/how the content is saved.

Here’s how to create a new capture workflow:

  1. Give the workflow a name
  2. Select the “Capture” option
  3. Click on “Add Choice”

And here’s how to set up the capture:

  1. Set up which folder you want the file saved and the naming convention.
    • This is how I name my daily notes, you change it to how you name your daily notes.
  2. This toggle makes sure a file is created if it doesn’t already exist
  3. This specifies which template you’re using - this is where you specify the template you created in the “Daily Note Template” section above
  4. If you want to record tasks instead of notes, you can toggle this
    • I create a separate capture workflow for tasks
  5. I want my notes to appear under the ## Notes header, and this is where I specify that.
    • In my task capture workflow, I would specify ## To Do
  6. Toggling this would make sure new notes are appended at the end of the section, toggling it off would have new notes appended immediately under the header, regardless of whether there are existing notes
  7. This is where you can format the text you input.
    • In my example, I prepend my text with a dot point "- ".
    • You can prepend it with the current date and time if you want.

Note: Play with some of the other options/toggles, eg. if you want the daily note to open after the capture etc.

Triggering the quick capture

There are a few couple of different ways to trigger the quick capture.

  1. Trigger it using the Command Palette
    a. Add the quick capture workflows to the command palette by toggling on the lighting bolt icon in the settings

  2. You can assign a hotkey to the quick capture command.
    a. You need to add the quick capture command to the Command Palette first (above)
    b. Go to the “Hotkeys” section and add a hotkey as usual

  3. Generate a URI that would trigger the quick capture command
    This URI can be used in multiple application such as Shortcuts and Drafts
    a. Call up the Advanced URI commands in the Command Palette
    b. Select the “copy URI for command” action

    c. Select “<Don’t specify a file>” since this action can run free of any existing file.

    d. Select the quick capture command you want to run

This would copy a URI in your clipboard.
If you paste this URI into your browser, you can trigger the quick capture action by loading the URI.

As mentioned earlier, you can use this in other applications to trigger the quick capture action.
Here’s how I use it in Shortcuts:

Here, I generated a URI for capturing notes, and one for capturing tasks and created a choice in Shortcuts for me to select which one I’m creating.

Hope this helps others. Let me know if you did things slightly differently.