Quick add note functionality (new note and append) from mobile/desktop

I noticed that quick adding of notes from mobile is on the roadmap. I wanted to take a moment to share some ideas for the flow of this.

  1. On Android (or iOS), offer Shortcut to quickly add or append a note. A great example of a smooth and fast quick add flow is Todoist on Android. You can hit the shortcut, and then you have an overlay where you can edit a task, press enter, add any tags/labels then go!
  2. Similar to Notion quick add, have a drop down to select where you want to add your note (eg: you can select an existing note). In this video, you can see how Notion does it. That “To-do list” lets you click to then choose a recent note, or to search for a note to add https://twitter.com/NotionHQ/status/1622718045499129862. It’s a rapid workflow, and great UX.
    → Quick switcher behaviour would be awesome here, like excluded files and recency.


  • Be able to specify what format you want your notes to be added (eg: add a date with your append).
  • Be able to integrate via API so that plugins or external apps can leverage the quick add flow (eg: Adding to Obsidian via Alfred would be great)

I’ve hacked my own version together using Advanced URL & QuickAdd to make the above work pretty nicely. I also leverage a Todoist and Integromat integration for getting ideas into specific notes. But excited for something native!

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I can see Todoist has adopted similar UX to Notion now.

If where it says “Inbox” was a note select that would be great.

I loved this UX from QuickAdd plugin, would be a dream if this can be shown when creating a new quick note as well.

Another way to specify note could be through in-line text like Todoist

Saw Routine app with some unique ways of approaching it.