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I found Obsidian a few days ago and planning to finally retire Evernote. Still checking some things out and there is one thing I could not find so far.

My setup is a Windows desktop, iPad and iPhone. So for the best experience I will probably need to use Obsidian Sync - which is fine for me. Given there is no trial period, I need to find some answers here. :slight_smile:

  • When I use Obsidian Sync, does Obsidian still save a copy of the notes in my local file structure on my Desktop PC where I run the app?
  • And if yes, are those editable too, e.g., through Notepad++? Or do I get “locked in” with Obsidian Sync?

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Yes, all your files remain local on your system just as they are now. From the Sync website, “even when using Obsidian Sync, your data is still primarily on your own hard disk. All data going out of or into your device is encrypted.”

Using Sync will not lock you in in any way. You could stop using it at literally any point, and your vaults would behave identically to how they do now.

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