Questions before going Publish

I’d like to convert my website to a digital garden and move it to Obsidian by using the Publish option, but before I need some info:

  1. how fast are websites created on Obsidian Publish?

  2. can I remove the “Obsidian Publish” text from the title bar? I’ve seen many of the websites have it

  3. how future proof is a website built on Obsidian Publish?
    I’m talking of the Markdown syntax.
    What if tomorrow I wanted to move elsewhere? How the double brackets (for backlinks) are supported by other platforms? How universal is the Markdown syntax used by Obsidian?

Thank you!

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Hey Ivan,

I converted my own WordPress website/blog into a Publish site, where it’s combined with my digital garden:

  1. Fast. Here is a speed report on my Publish site using GT Metrix; it is interactive in a little under 1s and fully loaded by 1s, and includes one image.

    Edit: It can be faster or slower sometimes, I just re-did the test and it’s interactive by .5s and fully loaded by .65s!

  2. There isn’t a built-in feature for this currently, though if you are familiar with Javascript it would be possible to do via the ‘publish.js’ file which lets you add your own JS to your Publish site.

  3. My understanding is the vast majority of markdown is universal, though I believe the ‘Wikilinks’ backlinks are not. However there is an option in the ‘Files and Links’ section to use default Markdown links.

Thank you for your reply, and my compliments for your Garden!
I see the website is fast, and it’s good news.

As for the Wikilinks, I see they are future proof as long as you rely on platforms that support them, and I think there are many,

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