Questions about Obsidian Publish

Hi, I have a few questions before deciding to go for Obsidian Publish or not:

  • what does “50% early bird pricing for a limited time” mean ? Will I pay $8 during a few months (how long?) and then switch to $16 when Obsidian gets out of beta, or will it be $8 forever ?
  • is the preview rendered in the app by some plugins also rendered in Obsidian Publish or will it just publish a raw codefence? (I think of dataview, admonitions, charts view for instance)
  • is it possible to embed iframes as in the desktop app ?
  • if the answer to the above questions is negative, are there plans to implement it in the future ?
  • more generally will Obsidian Publish receive significant improvements in the future or stay more or less as it is now?

Subscribing before the devs end the early bird period locks in the pricing for you forever.

And yes, there will be notice before the early bird period ends.

I don’t think most third-party plugins work yet. (Not sure how that renders.)

Not sure about the other questions, though doubtlessly the devs plan on further improvements in general.

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Thank you @ryanjamurphy
I’m still interested by the answers to the other questions if somebody knows

  1. you will pay for $8 forever, and even if your subscription suspend for a while, you will still pay for $8 if you re-subscribe.
  2. no, they are rendered as raw markdown.
  3. yes, you can. I embedded a Discord module & page once before. I myself didn’t find a very satisfactory way to embed a comment system, which was my original intention of using iframe, though.
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Many thanks to you both

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