Questions about Graph View

thank you so much for this amazing app. We have some question about posible workaround for manage this issues:

  • Could be possible to visually cluster (reduce distance between similar stuff) the graph base on a tag or a specific filter?

  • While selecting get not only the first level of relation. could be useful for some projects get all the stuff related

  • A useful way to hide non filtered stuff and avoid visual complexity

You posted in a thread that a user started to list ideas about the Graph View. If you want help, please post in Help. I’ve moved your post.

From your questions, are you aware of the Local Graph? All your screenshots are from the full Graph View. The Local Graph shows just a graph of the neighbors of the currently active note. And you can choose to show more levels deep, like 1, 2 or 3 (more gets very full very fast.)

i didn’t aware about local graphs :man_facepalming:
thank you so much!

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