[Question] What level of access do iOS apps have to obsidian's iOS vault files?

From a security standpoint, I’m curious about what level of access other iOS apps have to the iOS obsidian folder.

iOS appears to have complete access to it, as I can use the iOS search functionality to search for any markdown text file.

I am concerned that other apps have access to anything in ‘Files’ on iOS. How much is this the case with obsidian’s vault on iOS?

I have seen from other posts that there is no encryption at rest for Obsidian. I am also not certain that you could even create a vault (eg with Cryptomator) and point Obsidian at that folder (I believe Obsidian only allows the path to iOS “Files” folder). Could anyone elaborate on the best way to protect these files from other apps?


None, on iOS the obsidian vault is in its segregated space.
Other apps can’t access your files unless you manually point them to them using the OS gui.

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