Question on how to make a “List Callout” with icons

I don’t know how to make work the plugin “List Callouts” with the icons. Do I need to use other plugins? I have tried with “icon shortcodes” and with “icon plugins” and I have not gotten it to work.
I’m probably missing something very basic so I would appreciate someone’s help :pray:



I think they modify the task marker.

Try coding

- [*] Starred item
- [?] Question item

I have posted this on several sites (Reddit, Github, Obsidian forum) and I see that there has been some confusion about it, and that is that what I am talking about is a community plugin called “List callout” that what it does is add a minicallout putting a character after a bulletpoint, not to be confused with the similar but not the same modified checkboxes of the minimal theme.

Minimal theme’s checkboxes are very nice and I would use them if it weren’t for the fact that they can’t be used in obsidian’s default theme which is the one I like and the one I plan to continue using.

Sorry – I have both and got confused.

Have you done a “View | Developer Tools” to see if there are any hints in the log there?

I finally decided to switch to Minimal theme custom checkboxes for this kind of annotations

I can only hope that soon they will be in obsidian’s default theme

ty for the answer

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